Home Remedies for Eczema

Eczema is an irritating disease that is painful and can be cured with the use of natural remedies. You can see the symptoms up to the adulthood although the illness attacks children and infants.

The symptoms have similar characteristics, but they vary from one person to another. You can spot eczema by leathery, redness or dry, itchiness and scaly looking skin. Eczema can cause pain all over and ooze if you regularly scratch it.dzxdxzdaxa

There are some natural remedies that can help you put eczema under control or eliminate it. But the first step is visiting a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe ointment and cream for eczema use. The only problem is some medicines contain potent chemicals that may result in a severe eczema reaction. Here are some natural remedies you can try to use;

Coconut Oil

Apply a generous amount of coconut oil on the affected area. This will help prevent flaking and dryness of your skin as it will moisturize your skin. Coconut is readily available in many drug stores but if you cannot get it use mud pack as a replacement.

Cold Compress

You will feel relieved if you apply cold compress method twice a day. It will help to prevent you from rubbing hence it will reduce itchiness. Use the cold compress usage at a minimal level in a day as it may absorb your skin moisture.

Milk Compress

Dip a cloth in milk then place it on the affected are for a quarter an hour. It will moisturize your skin like coconut oil with the possibility of reducing flaking and drying hence relieves pain.


xsdxdzdaxThis is a fantastic home remedy for eczema.  It can be made into a can of cream which when applied helps to relieve the itchiness that is caused due to the disease and also soothes your skin. You can mix by adding two cups of raw oatmeal in warm water bath, and soak your body for half an hour to help ease pain and itchiness.

Steam Bath

It should be done two times a day to get relief. You can use mild compress if the steam bath is too hot for you to relieve pain. You should be careful when doing this to avoid experiencing inflammation and itching again.

Everyone’s skin is different so some may have a reaction with the above natural remedies. If you feel no relief or the eczema is always worsening, consult a qualified physician. Water is known to be an eczema attack trigger so try and stay away from it.…