Simple Ways to Eliminate Fruit Flies from Your Kitchen

many fruit flies

Observing the required standards of hygiene in your home is essential. This helps to create a comfortable environment for your stay and keep you free from a wide range of conditions. One area where you need to observe top levels of hygiene is the kitchen. That is where you get to prepare and store all your meals. You are likely to fall ill if you fail to clean or maintain this particular part of your home.

A dirty kitchen can attract insects that carry disease-causing microorganisms. Fruit flies are common in most untidy kitchens. These are tiny flies that mostly invade the kitchen and other parts of your home. One of the things that can bring about these flies in your kitchen is a moist environment. They thrive in humid conditions. Food or fruit remains can bring about these flies. You will find them mostly in your garbage because of the fruit peels you dump there.

Fruit flies carry bacteria, and this putstrap for fruit fly you at high risk of contracting a wide variety of illnesses. Leaving your food open with these flies around could lead to contamination. They also bring about some discomfort in your home because they spread to other rooms. You should get rid of all the fruit flies in your home to stay free from illnesses and for a comfortable stay. Here is how to eliminate them.

Take Out Your Garbage

Garbage that comprises of fruit peels and other kitchen refuse tends to attract more fruit flies. It could be worse when you dump other moist materials in your garbage. Always make sure that trash is outside your kitchen or home. This way, the chances of fruit fly infestation will reduce significantly.

Clear Your Sinks

Dumping lots of utensils on your sink without cleaning them immediately can attract fruit flies. You should wash your sink immediately and get rid of all the food particles from it. Also, make sure you wipe your sink dry to do away with the moist environment which acts as a breeding ground for these flies.

Create Traps

If your kitchen is already infested with these flies, then you can create traps that will help to capture and get rid of them completely. One of the best types to use is apple cider vinegar, which can attract them. Pour apple cider vinegar in a hole before wrapping it with plastic and bore holes on the cover. This will attract and trap the fruit flies.